Certificate In Barbering

Certificate In Barbering (BBC) is offered as a CERTIFICATE course examined by Vera College. A certificate of completion is issues upon completion of this course. For more information about this course, use the tabs below to navigate.

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Entry Requirements

Duration: 1 Months

Delivery Method: Online

Fee Structure

Other Mandatory Course Requirements

Course Units/Overview

This course covers the following units:

  1. Introduction to Barbering
  2. Occupational Safety and Health Practices
  3. Hair and Scalp disorders
  4. Barbering Techniques
  5. Communicational Skills
  6. Head Massage
  7. Employability Skills

Course Description

 This is a profession which involves cutting and styling male hair.

At the end of this course you will become a qualified barber. You can either start your own business or work within your field of study and gain experience from the industry. You will also have gained great skills and confidence in hair cutting and styling, customer service and health and safety in the barber shop.

This course consists of 7 lessons, 1 assignment, 2 continuous assessment tests (CATs), and 1 final exam.

The 7 lessons are accessed once somebody logs in. The assignment is submitted online once a student is logged into the system. The CATs and exams are also available online after logging in.

Course Instructor(s)


Examining Body

Vera College


1. How do I access this course?

Answer: You must log in to the e-learning systems via the login details sent to your email for you to access the BBC coursework.


2. What happens after I complete this course?

Answer: On completing the BBC course, you can pay a certification fee of USD 10 (KES 1,000) and proceed to the market or you can straightaway enroll to another course of your choice to broaden and advance your skills.

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